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Global Event in February in Anaheim

Regionals held in

June, Los Angeles, CA, SoCal
September, Las Vegas, Nevada 
November, San Francisco, CA, NoCal
December, Christmas Party

Presented by Tonya and Atlantis
and Produced by Bellydancer of the Universe®, ©2018

28th Bellydancer of the Universe® Competition
FEBRUARY 17 & 18, 2018
at the Business Expo Center
1960 So Anaheim Way, Anaheim, CA 92805

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BDUC2018 Registration:

Note: You do NOT have to enter the Regionals to compete in Feb 2018. The Regionals are for people in the area at that time to qualify for BDUC28. Thanks!

Regional Pro Solo:  $100 cash regional prize! Engraved Medal of Victory, Category Entry to BDUC 28 with VIP Admission and Seating Both Days. Win OVER $5,000 as a soloist at Bellydancer of the Universe® Competition 2018, with FREE ENTRY to all 9 solo categories ($500 value) at Bellydancer of the Universe® Expo 2018 in Anaheim, CA, 5 min from Disneyland. 


* Shimmy-quake 2018. Guaranteed dance spot at Shimmy Quake at the Southern California Regional with free day admission on Sunday, June 3, 2018. California 4-5pm

* Dreams of Cairo, Las Vegas, Nevada, September 9, 2018, Bellydancer of the Universe® Las Vegas Regional, guaranteed performance spot Saturday night celebrity show Nevada.

* BDUC Star performance at BDUC Northern CA Regionals, November 2018, San Francisco Bay area.

* Tonya’s Spirit of Christmas Party, in December 2018. Star with Judges and BDUC Champions!

*Champion of the Northern California Regional for 2017 will dance in the show in Northern California with Anna Borisova, sponsored by

Group prize = $100 cash, Entry in Feb 2018, 2-day admission to event, VIP seating.

Starlette of the Universe Regional Prize, Category Entry to BDUC 28, BDUC 28 Workshop Package, FREE admission with VIP Seating both days, Certificate of Accomplishment, Swag Basket.

Hope you can join us at the Regionals on November 4, 2017, in Redwood City, CA, as well as our workshop in the afternoon of the event. 

Happy Fall!

Tonya and Atlantis

Champions NoCal Regionals 2017


Champion, Russia is Mary Winpenny, Taxsim Category

First runner-up, Indra Sakkara,
United States, Universal Category

2nd;  Nilay, Turkey, Specialty Prop

3rd: Mary Winpenny, Russia, Fusion

Thank you to the Belly Dancer of the Universe® Second Annual Northern California workshop and competition Sponsor Natika and prestigious judges.
To our beautiful and talented contestants - you're all winners and ones’ greatest competition is within one's self.

We look forward to seeing you in February 2018 and wish you much continued success. 

Much love Tonya and Atlantis!

Prizes! $100 cash plus entry to ONE or ALL categories that are applicable,
February 2018, at the 
Bellydancer of the Universe® 
Global Bellydance Expo, Anaheim, CA.

VIP Workshop package with Sahra Saeeda's MINI Journey though Egypt, 6hrs 2days. 

Direct from Poland Triple Champion BDUC Hall of Fame 2017 "Zaina," 4hrs 2days.

Tonya and Atlantis and Bellydancer of the Universe® were honored with a prestigious award from Diamond Pyramid at Cairo ShimmyQuake, June 3 and 4, 2017 for their long-standing contributions to the art of bellydancing. Pictured in the photo next to Atlantis is Jayna Manoushe, fellow workshop instructor with Atlantis at CSQ, and Emile Siah, producer of CSQ. Atlantis' workshop was a sellout as well as the Saturday night show. Thank-you Diamond Pyramid for starring Atlantis in 2017. Diamond Pyramid is a 28-year sponsor of Bellydancer of the Universe® Competition.

Tonya and Atlantis are available for workshops at your event globally and on Skype.
You've taken a class from the rest, now learned from the best  ...... You could be the next Bellydancer of the Universe®!


We thank you all for competing at Bellydancer of the Universe® 27. You are all stars of the universe.
We hope to see you next year in Orange County at the Orange County B
usiness Expo Center,
15 minutes from Disneyland and the Orange County airport.

"Dear Tonya and Atlantis!

I'm still so excited after your event that I even don't know how to describe it.
It was the most challenging and prestigious competition I have ever participated in. I remember how much time I've spent with the preparations and how many nights I couldn't sleep because of thinking about it and it's so great feeling when I realise now how good it went.

I'm still collecting pictures and videos to make a final post on Facebook and everywhere ;), to write about my impressions as I think that every belly dancer should take part in your event.

I've been participating in many, many competition but this one was definitely the most challenging one. I believe that competitions are to make us better dancers, no matter which place we get, it is always making us better and stronger even if sometimes we don't realise it, being upset by the results.

I like that when organisers make the competition for professional belly dancers, they let them improvise to the music they don't know. During your competition dancers can show everything- the music and choreography they have chosen, the choreography they've prepared to the music you've chosen and a dance to the unknown, live music. So at the end judges get a full picture of dancers and dancers- a real challenge :)

I was touched by the atmosphere of your event- I could realy feel that I was taking part in something really important, in a great, prestigious event.

I was also impresed by the judges attitude. The way they were looking at us was making me feel like they do expect to see a good dance, something worthy to watch and judge. They were unsmiling what, in my opinion, tell of their professionalism. It wasn't easy to dance in front of them but I think that it has also made me dance better.
I also think that the variety of choices of categories make this competition something for everyone

Many girls were asking me about the designer category and everyone said that it was a nice idea with adding it. And I absolutely agree with it as well :)

And my completely personal opinion about you and Tonya- you are soooo perfect example of warm and professional persons, it is so emotional and so beautiful. I'm simply happy that I could meet you in person, it was really inspiring :)

-- Sending you a very warm greetings from Poland,"
Zaina, Champion of the Universe 2017, Hall of Fame Champion

Zaina is a certified belly dancer, teacher, judge of belly dance competitions and dance costume designer.

Winner of the Nile Group Festival in Cairo in 2013, Eilat Festival 2014 in Israel, Orient Cyprus Festival 2015 and many other Polish and international belly dance competitions (in Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Germany, Czech Republik, Latvia)

Art Director of the Eastern European Oriental Championship which takes place in Poland.

For the last seven years she has been living and performing in United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon and Oman. Her love and passion for the oriental dance has brought her to Tunisia, Qatar, Kuwait, Palestine and Egypt of course as well.

Master of education from the Pedagogical University of Cracow (Poland).

1) Champion of the Universe 2017

2) Champion Egyptian Category 2017

3) Designer of the Universe 2017

4) Peoples Choice Designer 2017

5) Model of the Universe 2017

6) 1st RU Drum Solo Category

7) 3rd RU Taksim Category

8) 3rd RU Speciality Prop Category

9) 3rd RU Fusion Category


more TESTIMONIALS / ENDORSEMENTS for Tonya and Atlantis.


It was a joy for me to compete in BDUC SoCal regionals. I got to share the stage with the wonderful local dancers and was lucky to get the 1st runner up award. 

The day before the competition I attended "Get the Creative Edge" workshop taught by Atlantis. The class was very fun and helpful. Atlantis pointed out what I (and all the other dancers in the class) should work on and improve in our technique and style. I loved that the class was very interactive, all of us got to watch each other and we also got detailed feedback from the instructor. The class gave me a self-confidence I needed before the competition. I would totally recommend workshops taught by Atlantis for both professional dancers with years of experience as well as mature dancers who are just in the beginning of their dance path, since the class gives us dancers the inspiration we all need! 

Thank you Atlantis!"  -- Mary W.



Dear Tonya, Atlantis and Vince,

You are a stellar family!  I hope you are all feeling rested and pleased with BDUC 27  It is clear to me and anyone who can see, that you are fabulously experienced and professional and most likely possess magical powers that allow you to succeed against tough challenges. I applaud and thank you again for all the nice gifts, lunch both days, parking and especially the privilege of being on your judges panel .... all but year 1. I truly am eager to being with you in 2018 and look forward to the changes. 

Again, thank you and bless you for your talent, passion and Love as Friends and Dance Family!!!  Love, mz --

Dancing at the Speed of Delight!


"If you`re having a Bellydance Festival or Competition, ATLANTIS MUST BE PART OF IT. She is SO PROFESSIONAL with an exceptional class about how to improve in a contest with so important tips she is expert and another class of finger cymbals that I believe is one of her specialities. Her dancing is so unique!!! Nowdays with so many dancers in the world (all doing the same and many without personal style) you need to have someone special like SPECTACULAR and CREATIVE ATLANTIS!!!! People here in MEXICO loved her!!!! Thank you Atlantis for being here, it was a faboulous weekend!" -- Maria Shazadi, Mexico City Producer


"Atlantis being a very dynamic performer herself brings the same quality into her coaching. Therefore, making every minute of your time count with important information with her vast knowledge in performance, entertainment and competition aspects of belly dancing. She will advise on costuming, prop usage, zil paying, artistic and technical choices of choreography sections all in the meanwhile leaving the final decision to the artist never enforcing her own opinions. Her feedback is clear, straightforward and to the point to make immediate improvements. She will spend time to make sure you drill the choreography or sections of it adequately during your time together with her before taking it on your own. Her fun and care taking personality makes your study a delight and a very valuable capture of new skills." - Nilay Engen


"I have always been proud to have participated in BDUC and know that it was helpful in my career, so THANKS !!!" -- Jillina


"To All.
Atlantis is the best EMCEE and a very good dancer - you should invite her. She will be a great addition to your show!" ---
Dr Samy Farag/ Sphinx Records - Champion of the Universe Sponsor.

The Belly Dance Chronicles is the $300 Specialty Prop sponsor for BDUC28.

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ATLANTIS Bellydancer of the Universe® In Alladin Pink pantaloons Taxsim/Veil -
Principal Lead Dancer / Choreographer at the Oscars Live, directed by Debbie Allen

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