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31st Annual Bellydancer of the Universe® Competition
& Global Belly Dance X-PO -- Sunday, April 25, 2021!

~ Exclusive Award Winning Master Judging Panel found only at Bellydancer of the Universe ®
and giving you comprehensive feedback on your performance!

Any questions, please email Atlantis: ; or text: 310.990.9549
for payments ONLY -- Thank You!

To Register, Click Here!


 NO Refunds For Contestants in any of our Competitions. Thank you.


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        2021 Global Competition, Sunday, April 25!

~ Registration Info, Online Registration Link, Payment Info, & Video Submission Info ~

Online Registration Form: BDUC2021 Global Reg. Form (uses PayPal)

3 Payment Options:

1) Zelle using:
2) PayPal using:
3) Venmo using:

Taking advantage of our sale pricing?
click here to download the pdf Registration Form

Please *download, print, fill out, and email* this form to, with proof of payment.

==> If you are participating in one of our sales and receive a complimentary category, please write in your free category across the bottom of the Registration Form. Thank you!

Enter 4 Solo Categories and get a 5th Solo Category *FREE*!

The Preliminaries are in 3 Phases:

1) Video Entries Accepted:
Sept. 1, 2020 - April 5, 2021
Submit your videos via:    Send To:

NOTE: Your originally submitted video, will be used for judging the Preliminary, Final, and Champion of the Universe!

2) Virtual Judging: April 11 - 17, 2021

3) Top 3 Finalists in each of the 8 Categories Announced: April 18,, 2021 at Noon, PST
during a FB Live:

*~ The 24 semi-finalists will compete for $5000 Cash Prize, with their originally submitted video, at Virtual Edition, Bellydancer of the Universe Competition on April 25, 2021! ~*

Virtual Finals at Bellydancer of the Universe Competition:
Sunday, April 25, 2021 Broadcast from California, USA
using your *originally submitted video*.

The winner from each category will be automatically entered into the
'Champion of the Universe' category, again using their original, previously submitted video!!!

Winner will be announced at the end of the show!

  ~ BDUC 2021 Global Competition Registration Information ~

$125/category ; Group: $200 for the first 2, $55 ea additional member.

NO Workhop registration requirement to enter any of our Competitions!

NOTE 1:   Your originally submitted video, will be used for judging the Preliminary, Final, and Champion of the Universe!

NOTE2:   Enter 4 Solo Categories, get 5th Solo Category FREE!
Send an email with proof of payment for 4 solo categories, your legal & dance name, and the name of your 5th solo category!

AFTER you enter you will receive a detailed packet with Vital information such as rules and regulations so ENTER NOW! Good Luck!
Top 3 in each category listed below will proceed to the final using their original, previously submitted video. The champions of the following categories will then go on to compete in the Champion of the Universe cateogry to win $5000.00

Champions of the following categories will go on to the
Champion of the Universe Category to win $5000.00:

Egyptian ; Universal American Cabaret ; Group ; Drum Solo ; Taxsim or Beladi / Taqsim ; Specialty Prop ; Fusion ; Goddess (Must be over 45 ; any style we offer)

Online Registration Form: BDUC2021 Global Reg. Form (uses PayPal)

Please Review the Category Information *BEFORE* you Register!
Click here
to view the Category Page.

Downloadable pdf, for your convenience: click here
Please *download, print, fill out, and email* this form to, with proof of payment. Thank you!

3 Payment Options:

1) Zelle using:
2) PayPal using:
3) Venmo using:

Please include a note to seller with the following info: Legal Name, Stage Name, Personal email & Catogries entering.

Text 310.990.9549 for more info.

Video Submission Information:

~ MP4 video format.
~ Any music.   Please tell us the song used, and the style of your performance.
~ Please note: Your brief introduction is NOT included within your performance time.
~ ANY current performance less than 1 year old is eligible OR feel free to create something brand new!

~ Brief Introduction:   Please, before you start taping your solo or group performance take a moment to say hello and give us your name, where you are from and what category you are representing. Start your time the minute your performance starts and stay within the allotted time frame, or unfortunately, points will be deducted.

~ Your choice of Performance Setting is of paramount importance, please have a clear space to perform in. To keep the judges attention on you and your beautiful performance, please have no obstructions or distracting items in your performance area (NO furniture, boxes, flashing lights, etc).

~ Please keep your entire body within the camera frame: head to toe and arm to arm so that a *full view* of you and your movements can be seen by the judges at all times.

NOTE: The above is a very brief description, and a fully detailed work packet will come to you with the complete information you need after you registration is received.

Need Help with how to do a video on your iPhone?
Check out this video:

Please do not include the following in your video:

~ No Visible logos or product promotion allowed ;
~ No show/competition reference in your video performance.
~ No animals or flames are to be included in your video.

Family Friendly Performances Only

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