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32nd Annual Bellydancer of the Universe® Competition
& Global Belly Dance X-PO
Saturday, April 30, 2022 and Sunday, May 1, 2022!

~ Exclusive Award Winning Master Judging Panel found only at Bellydancer of the Universe ®
and giving you comprehensive feedback on your performance! ~

Any questions, please email Atlantis: ; or text: 310.990.9549
for payments ONLY -- Thank You!


 NO Refunds For Contestants in any of our Competitions. Thank you.


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~ * Belly Dancer of the Universe 2019 Champions * ~

For photos and videos of our 2019 Champions,
please see our post on our Global X-PO page on Facebook:
Bellydancer of the Universe and Global Bellydance X-PO

Congrats to Shabana,1st Runner-up, Group Category,
for getting a write-up in the World Journal, a Chinese newspaper!

Champion of Champions - $2,000 Grand Prize: RS Control Systems

Miss D - Fusion

Egyptian - $1,000 Prize Sponsor: Turquoise, International

Trophy Sponsor:   Indra Sakkara

Champion Georgette
1st Runner Up Nilay
2nd Runner Up Tamara
3rd Runner Up Azzah of Pheonix
People?s Choice May
Congeniality - Orchid Sahara

Universal - $1,000 Prize Sponsor: Diamond Pyramid

Champion Nilay
1st Runner Up Laura
2nd Runner Up Tamara
3rd Runner Up Ana
People?s Choice Tamara
Congeniality - Laura

Drum Solo - $600 Prize Sponsr: Puffin Enterprises

Champion Indra
1st Runner Up Georgette
2nd Runner Up Kateryna
3rd Runner Up Tamara
People?s Choice Georgette
Congeniality - Georgette

Zils - $300 Prize Sponsor: Mesmera

Champion MikaElla
1st Runner Up Deborah
2nd Runner Up Ana
3rd Runner Up Laura
People?s Choice MikaElla
Congeniality - MikaElla

Groups - $1,000 Prize Sponsors:
Hollywood Music Center ($500)
BellyDanceUniverse ($500)

Champion Lumina Butterflies
1st Runner Up Shabana Dance Company
2nd Runner Up LA Bellydance Academy
3rd Runner Up Troupe Elisheva
People?s Choice LA Bellydance Academy
Congeniality - Lumina Butterflies

Speciality Props - $300 Prize Sponsor: Bellydance Chronicles Magazine

Trophy Sponsor: 34 Yvonne Wang34 34

Champion Georgette
1st Runner Up Nilay
2nd Runner Up Kateryna
3rd Runner Up Na?ilah
People?s Choice Na?ilah
Congeniality - Na?ilah

Goddess - $300 Prize Sponsor: Groundwork Coffee

Champion Orchid Sahara
1st Runner Up Eleena
2nd Runner Up May
3rd Runner Up Ana
People?s Choice Yasmin
Congeniality - Eleena

Taxsim - $600 Prize Sponsors:
Market at the Casbah ($300)    FB: Market at the Casbah Middle Eastern Dance Festival and
Lucia Dance ($300)

Champion Indra
1st Runner Up Tamara
2nd Runner Up Kateryna
3rd Runner Up Laura
People?s Choice Kateryna
Congeniality - Stefanie Mari

Fusion - $300 Prize Sponsor: Beyond Manufacturing

Champion Miss D
1st Runner Up Nilay
2nd Runner Up Eleena
3rd Runner Up Delilah
People?s Choice Stefanie Mari
Congeniality - Eleena

Designer - $300 Prize Sponsor: DJ Stephens

Champion Mesmera
1st Runner Up Helena Vlahos
2nd Runner Up Georgette
3rd Runner Up Christina Medina
People?s Choice Georgette
Congeniality - Georgette

Body of The Universe - $300 Prize Sponsor: Silverwolf Nutrition

Champion - May
1st Runner Up Elizabeth

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