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Global Event in February in Anaheim

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June - Los Angeles, CA, SoCal
September - Las Vegas, Nevada 
November - San Francisco, CA, NoCal
December - Christmas Party

Presented by Tonya and Atlantis -
Produced by Bellydancer of the Universe®, ©2018

NOTE: You do not have to win a regional competition to compete in the global event in February.

29th Bellydancer of the Universe® Global X-PO & Competition, Dance ~ Health ~ Fitness ~ Beauty

New Date for our Global X-PO & Competition: March 2-3, 2019

(Complete details & information Coming Soon -- Stay Tuned!)


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BDUC 29 Competition FEB 2019

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JUNE: SO CAL Regionals

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NOV: NO CAL Regionals

Christmas Party


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BDUC 2018

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Music Downloads Regional and
Bellydancer of the Universe® Competition 2018

Drum Solo and Taxsim are live versions of the 2017 finals
pieces performed by the
Bellydancer of the Universe®

Universal Classic Cabaret Music Prelim
This is from the CD entitled "Atlantis," composed and produced by Tonya Chianis, RScP, Producer of the
Bellydancer of the Universe®

Drum Solo Music Prelim
(This is the live Drum Solo finals from 2017 by Reda Darwish)

 Taxsim Music Prelim
(This is the live 2017 Taxsim finals by VIDAT on SAZ )


Egyptian Finals Music - You will dance to both pieces for the Egyptian Finals 2018.
First Sahra Saeeda then Dr Samy Farag. Listen to music below  

Sahra Saeeda Music - This song is from the film "Tammerhenna" -
Can be seen performed by Niema  Akef  on
Please DO NOT duplicate Miss Akefs' choreography.

Dr Samy Farag Music - Cairo Nights CD, Volume 6,  Track 8 - "Sultana"

All participants, please bring your own 3 to 3:15 routine.

Taxsim format has changed. Prelim music is provided. Finals to live music provided.


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