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February 24, 2003

P.O. Box 16833
Salt Lake City, UT 84116?0833

Tonya and Atlantis
PMB 343, 5318 E. Second St.
Long Beach, CA 90803?5354

Dear Tonya and Atlantis,

On behalf of the Midnight Mirage Dance Company, I would like to express out sincere thanks and appreciation for the wonderful experience we had competing at this year's Bellydancer of the UniverseS? Competition. We would like to compliment you on a very professional, well ran event. Everyone was so welcoming and nice, and we met so many wonderful people. We look forward to returning to beautiful Long Beach California for next year's event. Thank you again and take care.


Midnight Mirage Inc

Dear Tonya and Atlantis,

Thank you so much for organizing the BD Universe Competition. It was wonderful to participate in, despite having the flu!!

I look forward to competing in next year's event, and to seeing you at other functions. It is a pleasure to see such professionalism and support of this special art.

Best Wishes,

Lucy Weismantel ("Lucia")


"Thanks so much for all your hard work and efforts on behalf of the belly dance community. It is truly appreciated."


Suaad Borchardt


Cinnamon Caravan


Dear Tonya and Atlantis,

The 13th Annual Bellydancer of the UniverseS? Competition was spectacular as usual. This was Cinnamon Caravan's third competition and we enjoyed it just as much as the other two. The judge's comments about our dance performance were encouraging and fulfilling.

Our favorite part of the competition is getting to know the other contestants, and this year was no different. We treasure the long time friendships we have made through this event.

It was the first year that Sidra (12 years) competed as a soloist in the junior category. She learned a great deal in developing her choreography and style. She has hung her medal on the living room wall for all to see and admire.

The shopping is always great at BDUC. Some of our favorites are Artemis Imports, Diamond Pyramid and Babylon Breeze's Sultanhamet Fashions, however we managed to spend money at just about each vender there.

Once again, we will look back with fond memories of our experience at the Bellydancer of the UniverseS? Competition.

Cinnamon Caravan: Jeanie, Suaad, Nailah and Sidra


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