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2007 BDUC Mothers, Sons, Sisters and Daughters of the Dance.
Generations of the Dance:

Tonya and Atlantis, Mother/Daughter Duo, So CA, Workshop Leaders and co-producers of the BDUC.

Veena and Neena, So. CA, The Bellytwins, Identical Twin Sisters in Dance. Workshop Leaders.

Delilah and Laura Rose, Seattle, WA, Mother/Daughter, Workshop Leaders. Delilah is a Celebrity Judge.

Sisters Dondi and Titanya Dahlin, So. CA., Workshop Leaders. Dondi is a Celebrity Judge.

Jamilla and Fatima Al Wahid, Mother/Daughter, No. CA., Workshop Leaders and Celebrity Judges.

Marta Schill and David and Ryan Feldthouse, So. CA. Workshop Leader. Marta is on the executive judging panel for the Bellydancer of the Universe™ annually. This weekend she is featured with her son, David, and David's son, Ryan, on Percussion, 3 Generations in the dance!

Legends of the Dance:

Anisa - So CA - Celebrity Judge

Aisha Ali - So CA - Celebrity Judge

Kamaal - So CA - Celebrity Judge

Mesmera - So CA - Celebrity Judge

Helena Vlahos - AZ - Workshop Leader and Celebrity Judge.

Alexandra King - So Ca - Workshop Leader

Angelika Nemeth - So CA - Workshop Leader and Celebrity Judge

Paulette Rees-Denis, Portland, Oregon - Workshop Leader and Celebrity Judge

Dunia - No CA - Workshop Leader and Celebrity Judge

Ashana Hanada - So CA - Workshop Leader and Celebrity Judge

International Flamenco Legend, Maria Morca - So CA - Workshop Leader

California's Premier "Grand Master Jon Weidenman" - Our "Goodwill Amabassador to Korea"

with Mothers, Sons, Sisters and Daughters

TONYA AND ATLANTIS, Workshop: Performance Panache:
Learn to give an award winning performance no matter what your style. It's not what you know, it's how you look applying what you know. Tonya: Movement/motivation and Improvisation, Atlantis: Dynamic turns, entrances and exits.

Tonya Chianis, Bellydancer, and co-producer of Bellydancer of The Universe CompetitionTonya - one of  Southern California's premier teachers, performers, choreographers, and promoters. 

Biography - Tonya, Southern California Bellydancer, Premier Teacher, Talented Performer, Choreographer, MC and Promoter

Some of her awards and honors include:

Middle Eastern Culture and Dance Association " Hall of Fame" award twice for her unselfish dedication to the dance form through teaching, promotion, integrity and professionalism in the field.

Middle Eastern Culture and Dance Association Humanitarian Award

Best Teacher award from International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance.

Promoter of the Year, Zahgareet Magazine.

Teacher of the Year, International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance

Promoter of the Year, International Dance and Theater Arts Association, Kansas City, Missouri.

Best Event - Belly Dancer of the Universe Competitions, Zaghareet Magazine.

Additional credits available upon request!

Tonya has captured the highest awards possible in the field of Middle Eastern Dance from across the nation.  Among them:  Best Teacher; Promoter; Achiever; MC and others.

Tonya is the producer and co-producer of the Belly Dancer of the Universe Competitions held annually in Long Beach, CA. She has alternated holding the offices of President and Vice President of the Middle Eastern Culture and Dance Association (MECDA) Beach Cities Chapter.

Tonya presently teaches belly dancing (Le Danse Oriental) or Middle Eastern Dance, at Golden West College, Cerritos College and Santa Monica College, and the Southern California Dance Academy in Long Beach as well as private coaching for competitions, performances, etc.

Also a fabulous costume designer, she designs for the dancer's unique personal style.

Tonya is a practitioner of Religious Science as well as a published author of
Insights and Inspirations for Dancers - A book of spiritual healing for dancers
Insights and Inspirations a booklet by Tonya

Forward by Marta Schill:
"This prose of Tonya Chianis is simply the art of dance crafted into words and through her 'Spiritual Connection' to dance, Tonya has graciously created stepping stones for our own journey. This book serves as a beacon to brighten our path."

Tonya is the creator of Tonya's original Bellydance Showcase now in its 17th year at the Crowne Plaza Los Angeles Harbor Hotel. Featuring live music and spontaneous dance performance for all levels and styles. Showcases are held across Los Angeles and Orange County monthly as well and have something to offer the whole family.

Tonya's classes are always well attended and one of her greatest attributes is her ability to give a complete understanding of this dance in six weeks, thus giving the student the opportunity to know what is ahead should she wish to continue.  She has the ability to give personalized attention no matter how large the class and takes great pride in sharing her vast knowledge with all her students. ###

Atlantis, Bellydancer , Entertainer, performerATLANTIS: Actress/Dancer/Singer/Choreographer

Vice President of the Middle Eastern Culture and Dance Association (MECDA Beach Cities Chapter). Member of Middle Eastern Culture and Dance Association "Hall of Fame"

AWARDS including:

Best Oriental Dancer,
Zaghareet Magazine

Best Cabaret Dancer - International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance.

Promoter of the year, Zaghareet Magazine

Best Event - Belly Dancer of the Universe Competitions, Zaghareet Magazine

Atlantis' year has been most exciting with her company "Belly Dancers of the Universe," providing entertainment for the stars and special events. Hollywood luminaries such as Jerry Bruckheimer and Lawrence Kazden marveled; Coach Phil Jackson of Laker's fame proclaimed Atlantis "His Beautiful Baby!" Even USC Coach Pete Carol got up and mamboed about with Atlantis after their championship win against Oklahoma. Geena Davis and Paula Abdul also found time to take a swing of the hips! Also, Atlantis landed a great spot on a "Good Morning America" feature "Spotlight in Long Beach," showing "What's Hot in Long Beach." Currently Atlantis is working on the new DVD "Mega Stars of the Universe" featuring Champions of the BDUC.

MOTHER / DAUGHTER DUO: Tonya and Atlantis, Mother/Daughter bellydance duoTonya and Atlantis have produced over 100 bellydance videos and DVDs. The Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition series featuring Tonya and Atlantis with talents from across the Universe, competing for the most coveted title in our field, "The Belly Dancer of the Universe."

"NEW" MEGA STARS DVD series with featured champions of the Belly Dancer of the Universe Competitions past and present in their award-winning once-in-a-lifetime performances. All this along with Tonya, Atlantis and their dance company "Of Veils & Incense with Essence of Veils" - a DVD sure to please. Worthy of anyone's DVD collection, student or professional. NEW Belly Dancer of the Universe DVD Series for the universal stylist. Volume Two, Coming Soon! Features all new music written and vocalized by Tonya herself, along with an all star musician lineup TBA.

"Innovation not Imitation" is their motto.

Tonya and Atlantis are also musically accomplished with their CD "Ecstacy in Bellydance, Volume I, featuring Tonya's lyrics and vocals along with Clarinet and Bouzouki artistry by Andreas Chianis, Greek Musician Extraordinaire! This CD has a 27 minute routine for the Professional Universal Dance Stylist.

Neena and Veena, The Bellytwins, Identical Twin Sister bellydancersSisters in Dance Hollywood’s Belly Twins, Veena & Neena, Workshop Leaders


Workshop: Bollywood Bellydance Bhangra Fusion for both men and women. Including yoga, bollywood fusion, incorporating soft, pretty North Indian movement ending in Energetic Bhangra.


The world's only identical twin bellydance and fitness experts!!!

NEENA & VEENA, "The Bellytwins," have been featured as special guest dancers, choreographers, and actresses on hundreds of national and international stages, films, television commercials, music videos, sitcoms, and talk shows. The twins are also artistic directors / choreographers / teachers of their own 50-member dance company that specializes in Arabic and Bollywood dance styles.

Based in Hollywood, CA, they have performed live stage shows for world renowned artists, celebrities, royalty, and dignitaries, such as Sting, Prince, U2, and Hugh Hefner. Some of their television credits include The Academy Awards, Live with Regis & Kelly, ER, The View (with Barbara Walters), and The American Music Awards. Voted "America's Sexiest Twins," NEENA & VEENA have also been the center of Hollywood's TV gossip and news shows, such as Extra, E!, Entertainment Tonight, and multiple segments on CNN, VH-1 and MTV. In addition, the twins have made their mark worldwide, on television networks including BBC (UK), CTV (Canada), Univision (Latin), ZeeTV (Asia), Sony (India) and RTN (Russia). The twins have appeared in dozens of music videos with a wide range of national and international artists including Dr. Dare, Ricky Martin, Outkast, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Aerosmith. They have also been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers including In Style, YM, Time, Muscle & Fitness, Fit and New York Daily News, as well as international publications including India Today, England's Hello, Australia's Harper Bazaar, and India's Femina. They have been spotlighted in the national best-sellers. Currently, they have a multi-book deal with a reputable publishing company. Their first book, The Way of the Belly was released in March 2006.

Neena and Veena, The Identical Twin Belly Dancing SistersNEENA & VEENA have not only conceptualized, but created, choreographed, co-produced, and starred in twelve instructional and fitness videos, some of which had long runs on the Billboard Top Ten charts. Fitness magazine also named them the Top Ten Videos of the Year. The first to mainstream bellydance in the U.S., the Bellytwins have sold over 4 million videos worldwide.


Visit their web site:

Laura Rose and Delilah
, Seattle, WA, Mother/Daughter

Workshop: Dramatic Belly Dance - Taxim, floorwork, undulations, bellyrolls and penetrating eyes and commanding use of hands. Sensual, sacred, suspenseful. With Live Acoustic accompaniment by Erik Brown.

BIO: DELILAH grew up in Southern California, learning the dance form as it was passed on and popularized in this country by first and second generation immigrants from Lebanon, Armenia, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Morocco and Greece. Her years of devoted study and practice have led her to become one of the foremost teachers and innovators in the field of bellydance today. She is widely known for her breathtaking and deeply inspiring performances.

Delilah is an internationally acclaimed belly dance performer and instructor. . . she was the first dancer to receive the Dancer of the Year Award from the International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance in Hollywood, California 1997.

Web Site:

Sisters Dondi and Titanya Dahlin, So. CA.

Bellydance and The Five Chinese Elements

In this unique and inspiring workshop we will combine Middle Eastern dance with the 5,000 year old system of The Chinese five elements.

Through Belly Dance, sisters Titanya and Dondi Dahlin help us discover which of these elements dominate our lives and how to balance them while gaining a deeper understanding of our bodies and our own personal dance. Titanya and Dondi will teach several styles of belly dance while exploring the music, history, and culture of Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and Turkey.

Using dance technique and improvisational exercises, we will explore:
The Connection of Earth represented by Group and Tribal Partnering.
The Depth of Water with Intense Emotional Taxim.
The Passion of Fire with "Gypsy" Flamenco Fusions.
The Strength of Wood with Dynamic Drum Solos.
The Clarity of Metal with Elegant Egyptian Technique.
Titanya and Dondi have been teaching The Five Elements for the last decade all over the world . In this fun-filled workshop, you will get a taste of it all!

Sisters Dondi and Titanya Dahlin, So California Belly Dancers BIO: Dondi Dahlin

When Dondi was four years old she started training in drama and Polynesian Dance booking her first professional contracts in The Cook Islands. At 12 Dondi started studying Middle Eastern Dance and in 1991 was the exclusive Belly Dancer chosen to dance for Omar Sharif on his 60th birthday. By this time Dondi was a member of the Screen Actors Guild and had been in hundreds of productions in theatre, film, television and music videos. She also won "Outstanding Speaker in the Nation" which featured her skills as a spokes model/public speaker. In the 1990's Dondi continued to dance around the United States, Europe, the South Pacific and Mexico. In 1997 she booked her first dance contract in the Middle East and since then has danced in Dubai,
Turkey, Lebanon, Africa, Greece, Egypt and Jordan. She is often requested to dance for celebrities including, Peter Fonda, Angie Dickinson, Dwight Yokam, and Jimmy Buffet and has danced in concert with Egyptian pop idol, Amr Diab. In 2000 Dondi won
"Belly Dancer of the Universe."

Dondi has graced many CD covers including compilations from Samy Farag, and PEKO Productions. She has been seen on the cover of several Middle Eastern Dance publications including Jareeda (2000), and Zaghareet (2004) and was nominated for, “Best Kept Secret, 2001” in Zaghareet Magazine and “Cabaret Dancer of the Year, 2003.” She is featured in eight IAMED Belly Dance videos along with, "Belly Dance Superstars~ Live in Paris” and, “Belly Dance with Dondi” from Saroyan productions. San Diego Magazine named Dondi “One of the 50 best things about San Diego.”

Dondi teaches Lebanese, Egyptian, Turkish and Folkloric styles of Belly Dance around the world. She leads week-long retreats with her sister Titanya at prestigious institutes such as, “Feathered Pipe Ranch” in Montana and OMEGA in New York. Together they incorporate the Chinese Five Elements into their curriculum. The Five Elements are based on the 5,000 year-old system of acupuncture and bring empowerment and harmony to the dancer and the dance. Her classes are popular and sought after because of her vast knowledge of the Middle Eastern culture & people and familiarity of the Arabic language. With this knowledge she is often invited to write articles and reviews of Middle Eastern Dance events for Arabic dance magazines and websites. Learn more about Dondi at

The Dahlin Sisters, Bellydancers from Southern California
Empowering the Feminine Spirit through Dance, Movement & the Spoken Word 

BIO: Titanya Monique Dahlin is a multi-dimensional artist; a professional Middle Eastern dancer, Polynesian dancer, story teller, professional speaker with national awards and award-winning stage actress. Known for her mythological dance dramas and one-woman stage productions, such as Scheherazade -The Veil Behind the Blade, she empowers the feminine spirit and captivates the audience with empowering messages and graceful dance. As a professional actress, Titanya has written, directed and produced plays that have received rave reviews.  She has also produced an eclectic variety of popular belly dance and multi-cultural dance shows.  Titanya is sought after for her knowledge of the history of the dance and it's symbolism. She has performed and taught throughout the United States and worldwide.  In belly dance, she has been nominated as Best Kept Secret in Zaghareet Magazine. Her eclectic dance style stems from her studies in Jazz, Polynesian, African and Flamenco dance.  In Middle Eastern dance, Titanya teaches Lebanese, Turkish, Egyptian, "Gypsy," "Flamenco and Polynesian Fusion" and Middle Eastern Folk dance. Throughout the year, Titanya assists holistic health pioneer, Donna Eden in her Energy Medicine workshops leading her own popular form of movement, Energy Dance! Titanya has been incorporating the Chinese Five Element system into her belly dance workshops since 1996. Combining her teachings with her belly dancing sister, Dondi, they teach together at annual resort workshops in this very unique style.  She is also an animated character in the popular new age video game, Journey to the Wild Divine.  Visit her website at:

Titayna and Dondi Dahlin, So California Sword Dancing Belly Dance Performers

Mother/Daughter, Fatima and Jamilla Al Wahid, No. CA. Jamilla Al Wahid, Middle Eastern Dancer

Folkloric Egyptian Combos for Cabaret, Drum Solo Improv. Fatima will be teaching Egyptian Pop, and Jamilla will be teaching Classical Egyptian Hips & Shimmies

Photo of Jamilla Al Wahid, on right.

Web Site:

Fatima and Jamilla Al Wahid have been involved in the Middle Eastern Dance World since 1981. Fatima, owner of Fatima's Bazaar, is also a prominent vendor in the community traveling through the U.S to vend and teach Folkloric and Raks Sharki, Fatima's authentic style, grace and enthusiasm for the dance
makes her a sought after teacher and performer. Jamilla started in the dance as a child learning from and with her mother now Jamilla teaches her unique style of Raks Sharki through out the U.S and has been residing in Los Angeles for the past two years.

Fatima Al Wahid, of Fatima's Bazaar, Belly DancerFATIMA AL WAHID is a prominent Middle Eastern Dance vendor, instructor and sponsor. Born In Africa, Fatima has always had the dance in her heart, being introduced to the dance by her father's native home, the Sudan.

After over 20 years in the medical field, Fatima retired and decided to teach, travel and vend. She planted her feet in Sacramento and opened Fatima's Bazaar & Cultural Dance Studio. Fatima travels the world teaching and vending, and manages to spread heartfelt feeling for the dance wherever she goes.

Fatima Al Wahid, photo left.

Marta Schill, BellydancerMarta Schill: (So Cal) Workshop Instructor with son and drummer, David Feldthouse and his son Ryan teaching basic drum and rhythm mastery with live music. Three Generations in the Dance!

Marta is on the executive judging panel for the Bellydancer of the Universe™ annually.

Marta and David will be teaching 9/8 and 6/8 rhythms for Cabaret with transitions and live drum accompaniment.

MARTA SCHILL’s involvement in Middle Eastern Arts began as a musician, exploring Turkish songs and rhythms, quickly evolving into a fascination for all the Middle Eastern dance arts.  After years of study, Marta went on to become a consummate professional dance artist, performing in the cabarets of California during the genesis of ‘Bellydance’ in America. She later performed throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and the Middle East. 

Ms. Schill is the co-author of  “The Compleat Belly Dancer,” a book that became a national best-seller published by Doubleday & Co., as well as two sequels; “The Finishing Touch” and “The Teachers Guide.”  She also co-authored and starred in “How to Bellydance,” a videodisc produced by MCI (Universal Studios) as well as writing and producing an instructional video tape titled “Belly Dance: Fine Art of the East.” 

Marta Schill is one of the founders of the Middle Eastern Culture and Dance Association, founded in 1977, a national non-profit communications organization dedicated to promoting Near- and Mid-Eastern music and dance.  In this capacity, she created the Cairo Carnivale, now one of the foremost ethnic dance festivals in the Los Angeles area.

Ms. Schill is currently the Vice President as well as the Managing Editor of the Cymbal Digest magazine, MECDA’s feature publication. 

Marta has created choreography for such stars as Bar bra Streisand and Dinah Shore, and acted in and created dance routines for “Barbra Streisand and Other Musical Instruments,”“Maid to Order,” “Young and the Restless” and “Alive and Well.”  She has conducted seminars and shows throughout the United States, instructing in the Turkish and Egyptian styles of Middle Eastern dance arts.  She is also credited with creating the beautiful modern style of circular veil technique. 

Many of the major productions of Danse Orientale in Southern California bear the influence of Marta Schill’s production skills.  One of her many goals is to present the extraordinary beauty and creativity of Mid-Eastern music and dance to the general public. 

Marta Schill’s future aspirations include bringing the American Middle East dance community and the ethnic Mid-Eastern Americans together, to celebrate the connections we share; the love of a rich culture, and an infatuation with the modern direction of music and dance from this very creative region of the world.

This weekend she is featured with her son David and his son Ryan on Percussion.
David Feldthouse, Drummer
David Feldthouse and his son Ryan will be teaching Basic Drum and Rhythm mastery
Bring your own drum. Any kind.

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Helena Vlahos (AZ) Celebrity Judge and Workshop Leader:
Helena will teach Choreography to "Bahibek Aktar"
by Amr Diab and Angela Dimitriou from Amr Diab's "Amarain" CD emphasizing Greek Arabic differences.
Helena Vlahos, Belly Dancer from Phoenix, AZ

The Legendary Helena Vlahos (AZ) appears in the Guinness Book of World Records for flipping a dollar bill in the crease of her belly and then laying out a row of nine quarters across her tummy just below her navel. Using her belly muscles, she flips the quarters; twice up and down, one at a time, and finally every other one! Years of persistence finally led to her master the incredible nine coin row, a feat that hasn't been matched since.

From L.A. to Hollywood, up and down the California coast, to Houston and Austin, Texas, spots in Ohio and Georgia, and even Hong Kong, Helena's Dance has taken her to many wonderful places. Some of the more famous spots included Athenian Restaurant and Shakour's Oasis, as well as the Fez, the Seventh Veil (where Helena first worked with Tonya), the Egyptian Gardens, and the Greek Village. She swept across the floors of nearly every important West Coast Middle Eastern dance club of the 60's, and 70's, and 80's, as well as a generous sampling of venues in other parts of the U.S. An early high point in her career came in 1966 when she opened in Las Vegas at the Aladdin as the featured dancer with the very popular concert violinist, Hrach Yacoubian. Vegas was, and still is, her favorite place to perform.
Helena flipping quarters on her belly

In 1981 the local media heard about Helena's Nine Quarters act and Regis Philbin called her to appear on his show, A.M. Los Angeles. The act was such a hit with the Hollywood crowd that she subsequently appeared on The Merv Griffin Show, The Mike Douglas Show, That's Incredible!, Here's Richard (Richard Simmons), Thicke of the Night, Regis Philbin Healthstyles, and Spectacular World of Guinness Records plus a cameo role in an episode of Dynasty, and a spot appearance in the Allan Carr film "Can't Stop the Music."

Helena currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona, where she dances and teaches full time. She is on the Executive Judging Panel for the Belly Dancer of the Universe™ Competitions annually.


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AISHA ALI -Celebrity Judge

Aisha Ali has been a professional dancer since the early 1960's, and during the1970's she became an internationally acclaimed expert on North African and Egyptian folk dances. She has performed in Cairo and Luxor and over the years frequently appeared with the Banat Mazin, a well-known family of Ghawazee, dancing at weddings and celebrations in Upper Egypt. In Tunisia, Aisha was a featured soloist at the Municipal Theater in Sfax and she traveled through Algeria to observe the Ouled Naïl, a tribal group famous for their dancing women.

Aisha has appeared on national television news, talk shows and sitcoms, as well as MTV. During her career, she performed in nightclubs and at colleges and cultural festivals around the country. She has been inducted into the New York AAMED, Middle Eastern Dancers Hall of Fame, and was an honored speaker/performer at the 2nd International Conference on Middle Eastern Dance. She was a featured soloist representing the Middle East and Africa at the Los Angeles Festival and was featured in the 2003 Conference on North African Dance at Cornell University.

Her field studies began in 1971 when she traveled to the Middle East to observe first hand traditional styles of dances rarely seen in the United States. She made many subsequent visits to Egypt and North Africa in order to collect folkloric materials that were fast disappearing. As a result of her efforts, she has produced six audio CDs and several films of native folk dances.

Her productions include the videos "Dances of Egypt," an intimate study of performers and their environments throughout the Egyptian countryside, "Dances of North Africa," covering dances of Morocco and Tunisia, and "Dancing with Aisha, Vol. 1," an instructional video on Tunisian dance. She has recently completed a two-volume DVD entitled "Aisha Dances" featuring her performances of 16 genres of dance from around the Arab World. In work are her documentaries "Dances of North Africa Vol. II, Algeria and Libya," and "A Saidi Wedding."

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Mesmera: Celebrity Judge
Mesmera, International Dance Star
BIO: International Dance Star Mésmera has spun her veils through 30 years of
events, seminars, DVD productions, and classes and has trained dozens of
enthusiastic teachers and successful performers along the way. Featured in
"TIME" Magazine, "InStyle," "L.A. Weekly" Film and TV, she inspires spirited creativity and her Bellydance Adventures in Brazil are really FUN (ask anyone who's gone)!!!!! 

Dancing at the Speed of Delight!

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Kamaal, Male Belly DancerKAMAAL - Celebrity Judge.

Kamaal has been performing and teaching Middle Eastern dance for over twenty years and has danced in many fine restaurants in Northern and Southern California; The Marrakech and The Grapeleaf in San Francisco, The El Mahgreb and Ta Delphina in San Jose, and the El Grande in Manhattan Beach just to name just a few.

Kamaal has twice won the title of “Mr. America of the Belly Dance” in competition and was several times a finalist in the “Belly Dancer of the Year” contest. He is to date the only male to place in Southern California’s “Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition. He was also a two-time recipient of the Nafisa Gem award for the “Best Professional Male Belly Dancer.”

Kamaal’s dance style ranges from traditional Egyptian cabaret to folkloric. His dance career began with ballroom dance. He was a competition dancer for more than 15 years before he discovered Middle Eastern dance. He is known for his creative use of props, most notably his famous tray and sword balancing routines, and his show stopping double veil.

Anisa - So Cal - Celebrity Judge in the Fusion Solo and Egyptian Solo Categpries

Anisa of Anisa's School of Dance in Sherman Oaks, CAAnisa is the owner of Anisa's School of Dance in Sherman Oaks, CA.

She was named "Best Belly Dance Instructor" by the New Times. Anisa has also been celebrated in Entertainment Today and Shape Magazine. She is the Director & Choreographer of the Orientale/Beledy Dance Troupe and has been teaching the art of Belly Dancing since 1974. Anisa conducts workshops and master classes, has appeared on TV and in movies, and has produced an instructional video, "Belly Dance with Anisa 2000."

In 2004 Anisa received the coveted "Lifetime Achievement Award" at Tonya & Atlantis' "Belly Dancer of the Universe" competition, and Anisa's Orientale/Beledy Dance Troupe won "Belly Dancer of the Universe" in the group category 2005. Anisa also organizes and participates in dance tours to Egypt and Turkey and is producer of the annual Halloween Belly Dance Show "King Tut Returns." Anisa, Bellydance Teacher and Celebrity Judge


Visit her Website:

Angelika Nemeth

Angelika Nemeth is a Celebrity Judge and
Workshop Leader:
A Lebanese Choreography --
Nadia Gamal's Choreography to "Amina" circa 1981. Bring Heels. No Skirts

The class begins with a brief description of the Lebanese style and its defining characteristics followed by a short warm-up. After the introduction and warm-up we will learn a choreography which the instructor, Angelika Nemeth, learned directly from Lebanon's premier oriental dancer, Nadia Gamal. Angelika studied with Nadia in her one and only workshop in California held at the Long Beach Convention Center in 1981. The
choreography begins with an introspective taksim incorporating Nadia's
signature arm movements. It starts in a kneeling position, but can also be done standing, and is followed by a dramatic and dynamic 4/4 section. It has a 2nd taksim utilizing different movements from the opening and again dramatically shifts into a high-energy finale. (A taksim is a non-metric or metric instrumental improvisation)

Since the music is currently unavailable, I will allow audio taping.

1) Knee pads if you plan to start on the floor for the 1st taksim
2) Heeled shoes
3) Fitted dance attire is recommended. No skirts

Angelika Nemeth is an international Middle Eastern dance artist who has been presented in Europe, Asia and North America and is regularly featured in workshops throughout the United States. She is currently on the dance faculties of four Southern California colleges where she teaches accredited classes in Middle Eastern dance.

In 1982 and ’83 she sponsored dance study tours to Egypt and has since returned to the Middle East to study on her own. In August 2005 she organized and escorted a dance study tour to Turkey. She has produced and directed numerous world dance concerts, co-sponsored two international Middle Eastern dance conferences and has appeared on numerous videos and magazine covers.

In 1999 Orange Coast College recognized Angelika for her outstanding teaching record. Her love for the dance is communicated in her enthusiastic, informative and detailed teaching style She makes learning fun as well as challenging. Her work as a teacher, performer and producer has had a major impact on Middle Eastern dance worldwide.

Known for her dynamic command of the stage and her passionate presentations, she blends traditional and contemporary Middle Eastern dance styles into a “must-see” performing experience. In 1997 she received the “Best Modern Egyptian Dancer” award by the International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance (IAMED), and in 2000 was nominated for her outstanding achievement in choreography. She is the artistic director and choreographer of the award-winning Angelika Nemeth Dance Ensemble. Angelika has certificates in Dance and Theatre Arts and Related Technologies, and holds a BS degree in Education and an MA in Psychology specializing in the Transformational Arts.

Angelika is on the executive judging panel for the BDUC annually.

Her website is:
Angelika Nemeth, Belly Dancer


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Paulette Rees-Denis, Tribal Fusion Solo and Group Judge and Workshop LeaderTribal Legend Paulette Rees-Denis,
Portland, Oregon. Workshop leader and Celebrity Judge

Saturday classes:

~ADD Spice to your Dance! - Trancey African GROOVES, prayerful Indian MUDRAS, and snappy Spanish ATTITUDES.  WEAR A BIG SKIRT!


~Drilling & Zilling - Different zill patterns and dance workout.


Sunday classes:

~Tribal Technique - Moving up from the basics, posture, technique, partners, layering movements for solos or groups.


~Tribal Combos & Variations - Using simple and complicated moves to add spice and variety within our improvisational dance structure.


Paulette will be performing in the Saturday evening show, and judging Sat. Tribal categories Solo & Group and Sun. Fusion.

Paulette Rees-Denis is the director of the Gypsy Caravan - Portland, Oregon's acclaimed contemporary tribal bellydance troupe. Having found her soul dance in the Tribal Style of bellydance, she has been teaching weekly classes in Portland, and workshops internationally since 1991. Her tribal styling is a fusion of several influences based on dances from different countries and modern day - urban, folk, ritual and trance,modern, among others.

With a classical dance background, Paulette has created a rich blend of contemporary dance which is esthetically pleasing, spiritually grounding and physically rewarding. This dance evokes a feeling of ancient times, of family, of personal freedom, of group spirit and camaraderie, bringing dancers together in total acceptance and support of each other. The beauty of the dance is that it's also different for everyone and every body. Having brought Tribal Style bellydance to the Pacific Northwest, Paulette continues to enrich the dance community in a variety of ways. In 2000, she opened her own dance studio- Caravan Studio - A World Of Dance, with her husband and fellow Gypsy, Jeff Rees.

In her commitment to teaching and educating the community about tribal bellydance, Paulette brings other internationally recognized master teachers and styles of 'world dance' to Portland. She is the creator of Tribal Quest NorthWest, a five day festival of tribal inspired music and dance in Portland with teachers and performers from around the world. Since 1998 she has published a quarterly international journal, "Caravan Trails", with art, interviews, reviews, and more about tribal and related dance styles. Paulette collaborates on a regular basis with poets, storytellers, musicians, and actors, to create multimedia dance and theater productions, and produces award-winning videos and cd's.

Paulette says, "The fulfillment I get from directing and dancing with the Gypsy Caravan is achieved through many of my roles - from being the teacher, sharing the inspirations, designing the choreography, doing the booking and managing, being the proud mother, and of course, dancing with my tribe, either on or off the stage. Sometimes it's trying work, actually, most of the time! But those blissful moments of pure, ecstatic joy that we reach as a synchronized group can outweigh anything! One of my greatest pleasures as a teacher is to share with other women this dance, and to bring the communities together. To see dancers come into their own, women acknowledging their own beauty and power through the dance is true fulfillment, and an honor. As the communities continue to grow and expand, it's great to experience each other, to watch and listen, to dance together in whichever way we can. Through a shimmy, a mudra, a breath."


Gypsy Caravan, Troupe from Portland, Oregon
Gypsy Caravan Dance Company

A mass of swaying hips, undulating bellies, hands upon hands upon hands with arms moving snake-like, strangely synchronous; watch closely as these powerfully sensuous women wrap you in their web of enchanting improvisation. Haunting horns calling you from the desert, earthly drums bring you back to the beginning of time; forlorn melodies sung from the deepest of souls, Gypsy Caravan invites you to join them on a journey back to the cradle of civilization. Woolen yarns, billowing silk, and jangling metal add texture to delight the senses, reminding you of the millions of women who came before us. A tribute to the past, created in the present, borrowing from many cultures and full of today's urban spirit, feel your tribal soul coming to life, echoing our cries for life and freedom.

The performers in the Gypsy Caravan are Paulette Rees-Denis, Dulcinea Myers-Newcomb, Carol Vance, Michele Gila, Karen Hunt, Nicole Daddona, Jennifer Mayfield-Shafer, Gina (Jung Sun) Lee and Meghan Zuccarello.

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Alexandra will be teaching the work of the vivacious and fiery Turkish dancer of the 70's, Tulay Karaca, whose style she has emulated for many years. The class will include technique and a choreography. Bring zills and knee pads.

Alexandra King is one of the foremost Middle Eastern Dance artists, instructors, choreographers and producers of Middle Eastern Dance productions and videos in Santa Barbara, the California central coast and the United States. She is the founder and director of Santa Barbara's most prestigious and only professional Middle Eastern Dance company, Seher, which is also the UCSB Mid-East Dance Ensemble. And, she is the producer of one of the most popular beginning level instructional video series’ on the market.

During 1989 and 1990 Alexandra wrote, choreographed and produced the first full-length Middle Eastern folk ballet titled "Seraglio." She then toured with the show in California and Utah. Later in 1990 she joined Dr. Scott Marcus in forming the first and largest university-based Middle Eastern Ensemble at the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB), in which she is currently the dance director and principal choreographer.

Alexandra is the grandaughter of silent screen star Molly King. She began her dance training and performing at the age of ten, inspired by a family of actors and musicians. Alexandra's training includes ten years of ballet, four years of training and performing in Polynesian dance, jazz and tap as a child, three years of flamenco classes, two years of training in the classical East Indian style, Bharata Natyam, Greek and Middle Eastern folk and line dance, as well as intensive study of both Traditional and Modern Styles of Oriental "belly" dance.

Alexandra studied belly dance first with Diana Ferrari, a former member of the San Francisco-based company Kos Kadas, and later with the legendary dancer Jenaeni Rathor, Ansuya's mother. She was a member of Rathor's company, Yaleil, from 1980 to 1983, and still works with Jenaeni and her daughter, Ansuya, in dance productions. Alexandra has traveled extensively throughout North Africa and the Middle East to observe and study the dances of this region. In 2001, she was appointed as the lecturer in the first ever accredited ethnic dance class in the Univeristy of California at Santa Barbara (USCB) dance department. She travels extensively throughout the United States teaching and performing, both independently and as the director of UCSB's Middle Eastern Dance Ensemble, Seher.

Above, Tulay Karaca, Turkish dancer of the 70's

Contact Info: 805 687 8823,

ASHANA HANADAAshana Hanada, Workshop Leader, Belly Dance Jazz Fusion
Ashana is on the executive judging panel for the Bellydancer of the Universe™ annually.

Workshop Leader - Belly Dance/Jazz Fusion

Experience the art of belly dance fusion - blending jazz and ballet with Le Danse Orientale. Learn how these classical and contemporary dance forms can add diversity and dynamics to your own personal dance style. Techniques will include pirouettes, slides, suspensions, spirals, layered rhythms, and chaine turns.

BIO: Ashana Hanada, MFA Dance, is full-time Dance faculty at MiraCosta College in Oceanside, CA. Her Master’s thesis focused on The Technique and Aesthetic of Middle Eastern Danse Orientale. Ashana’s extensive experience as a teacher, choreographer, performer, and director encompass a variety of dance styles and techniques, including jazz, ballet, modern, ballroom, and Le Danse Orientale. Professional credits include Equity principal roles in A Chorus Line and The King and I, and choreography for opera, musical theater, and world dance forms. Ashana has been a presenter for regional, national and international dance conferences. Email

Dunia - Celebrity Judge and
Workshop Leader: Circular Veil and Wraps, How Many? Secrets unveiled - veil head and body wraps while in motion. Bring 3 1/2 YARD CIRCULAR veil.
Dunia, Belly Dancer

DUNIA -- Since 1979, Dunia has professionally performed and entertained crowds at night clubs, festivals, and charity events throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. A teacher in the art of Belly Dance, she has taught this Middle Eastern dance art from to all levels of students from beginners to the most advanced at various community centers to master classes and workshops offered throughout the state.

Dunia founded her dance troupe, Bahar, in 1976. This colorful and spectacular troupe performed widely throughout California, staging a major community professional dance show in October, each year in San Jose.

Dunia has formed a new dance company in 1995, “Nile Spice – A Dance Co.” This company is designed to enhance the Desert Dance Festival Extravaganza Production each year.

As owner, operator and manager of her own professional studio “Dunia’s Creative Art Center” in San Jose, Dunia fully promoted the Middle Easter dance arts. Dunia is the founder of the Desert Dance Festival, an annual two-day dancer’s convention in September, and creator and host of a television show, “Dunia’s World of Belly Dancing.”

Dunia is known for her original costuming and choreography. Her dynamic steps range from the most delicate veil work to energetic fact-paced 4/4 combination. Her stage presence is electrifying, a combination of skill, warmth, grace and humor that wins over any audience. Additionally, she has appeared as thee cover feature dancer in Habibi, Nafisa Newsletter, Caravan Magazine, Wiggle Hips and numerous local newspapers.

As a technically adept dancer and experienced entertainer, Dunia’s veteran stage experience is a valuable asset for all Middle Eastern dancers who share her love of the art. Dunia councils and offers recommendations on costuming, poise and stage presence. She is also available for seminars and workshops.

Dunia, San Jose’s leading authority on Belly Dance, will share her secrets of her completely original style of veil work and combination steps. Secrets Unveiled Class Description: Learn how the veil can enhance your performance by the numerous veil movements being taught by Dunia. “The veil is an extension of yourself,” a Dunia quote. Notes will be provided and the opportunity to purchase "Dunia – Secrets Unveiled DVD" as a teaching tool. Learn to follow through with six veil head and body wraps while in motion. Learn to let the veil do the work with spins and backward turns for a unique dance style. Enjoy the picture perfect performance with a prop that surrounds your movement with grace and beauty.

Contact info:

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iNTERNATIONAL Flamenco Legend, Maria Morca, Workshop Leader

"Zambra Mora" the Moorish link between Bellydance & Flamenco, Morrocco and Spain. Zils optional. Bare Feet. Full Skirt.

Zambra Mora (Moorish Dance) is the sensuous link between Flamenco and the Middle Eastern dances. Inherent in Flamenco dances are the undulating hip movements, upper body shimmy and the Zar-like tossing of the head, making the hair fly wildly. The Zambra can be danced bare footed or in heeled shoes and with finger cymbals or castanets, and is intertwined with exciting footwork, dramatic back bends and graceful turns.

The 5-minute choreography that will be taught features bare feet, finger cymbals and the use of a full skirt. Join us in learning this fascinating dance that celebrates the coming together of the cultures of Spain and North Africa.

BIO: MARIA MORCA, born into a family of musicians and dancers, started dancing at an early age. Her training of Oriental and Interpretive dance began when she became a protégé of the Ruth St. Denis Foundation in Hollywood. She has an extensive background in ballet, classical Spanish, Flamenco and many other ethnic dance forms. Maria has been a professional dancer since the age of nineteen, has toured the United States and Canada, and has performed on stage and in nightclubs all over the continent, including Las Vegas. Her film and television credits include I Dream of Jeannie, Gun Smoke, Mission Impossible, I Spy, Run For Your Life, The Greatest Story Ever Told, Story of Ruth, Can Can, Hello Dolly, Ship of Fools, and Go North to Alaska to name a few. She also coached and choreographed in Hollywood over a period of twelve years.

She then founded the highly successful Academy of Dance Arts in Toronto, Canada, and later in Bellevue, near Seattle, Washington. She created the prominent performance group, Maria Morca and the Dances of Spain, acting as director and solo dancer.

Recently, Maria Morca has returned to California and is teaching in the San Pedro and Palos Verdes areas. Her aim in these classes is to develop physical fitness and self-expression through the dance. Besides teaching at her studio, she holds master classes, lectures and conducts seminars and workshops through the United States. She is also the author of Maria Morca’s Belly Dance Work Book. Maria can be contacted at: (310) 519-7479 or

California's Premier "Grand Master Jon Weidenman" - Our Goodwill ambassador to Korea.

Workshop: Introduction to Chang Moo Kwan (Martial Art of Korea)

Focus on the grace and control of oriental movement through body poses and combination drills that unify emotional balance / mental focus / breath control and personal spirituality, thus uniting body, mind and spirit.



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