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MAR 2019 Champions
Global Bellydancer
of the Universe Competition
& Global Belly Dance X-PO

Category Info
BDUC March2019

JUNE:    SO CAL Regionals

JUL:    NO CAL Regionals

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Bellydancer of the UniverseŽ Competitions Official Announcement

Champions of the 16TH ANNUAL BDUC

'06 Trophies: Sponsors - Mr. Harry Saroyan, Saroyan Mfg. PO Box 2056, Riverside CA
and Mr. Ralph Karapetian, All Star Tire Co, Long Beach, CA 90805

Photo Packages may be ordered from the photographer, Benny Campa, 626 338 6773

1. Divine Category:

Sponsor: Prize $200 - MECDA - Middle Eastern Dance and Culture Association, PO box 946, Rosemead, CA 91770, 626 588 4907

Judges: Helena Vlahos (AZ), Marguerite Kusuhara (So CA), Marsha Katz (So CA),
Nina Sahar (So CA), Sahra (So CA)

Divine Champion and Halame Congeniality Award - Soraya, (Utah) w/Atlantis

Divine First Runner Up - Deborah (So Cal) w/Atlantis

Divine People's Choice - Evleah (So Cal) w/Tonya (R)

2. Drum Solo For the Dancer Category:

Sponsor: $200 - Audrena's International Bazaar. 800 327 3406

Judges: Amina Goodyear (No CA), Carolena Nericcio (No CA), Helena Vlahos (AZ), Marta Schill (So CA), Sahra (So CA)

L-R: Audrena Ries/Audrena's Int'l Bazaar, Louchia/Drum Solo Champion,
and Atlantis/Co-producer of BDUC

Louchia (So CA) Drum Solo Champion and People's Choice with Atlantis

Drum Solo First Runner Up - Rimarah Hare (Fl)

Mandana, Drum Solo Congeniality Award
Drum Solo Congeniality - Mandanah (No Cal)

3. Junior Solo Category:

Sponsor: $100 Savings Bond, Tonya and Atlantis

Judges: Angelika Nemeth (So CA), Dunia (No CA), Helena Vlahos (AZ), Marguerite Kusuhara (So CA), Marta Schill (So CA)

Atlantis (L) and Junior Solo Champion - Magdalena (So CA) (R)

Atlantis (L) with Junior First Runner Up - Angelica (So CA)

4. Tribal Fusion Solo Category

Sponsor: $200 - Tonya and Atlantis

Judges: Amina Goodyear (No CA), Carolena Nericcio (No CA), Heather Stants (So CA), Margeurite Kusuhara (So CA), Nina Sahar (So CA).

Atlantis (L) with Tribal Fusion Solo Champion - Elizabeth Dennis (WA)

Atlantis (L) and Tribal Fusion Solo First Runner Up & People's Choice Award - Rimarah Hare (FL)

Atlantis (L) and tTribal Fusion Solo Congeniality Award Winner, Elizabeth Dennis (WA)

5. Junior Group Category

Sponsor: $200 - Tonya and Atlantis

Judges: Dunia (No CA), Marguerite Kusuhara (So CA), Marsha katz (So CA), Nina Sahar (So CA), Una (No CA).

Junior Group Champions - Gems of the Nile (So Cal) with Atlantis (Center)

Atlantis (L) with Junior Group First Runner Up - Jewels of Miehana (So Cal)

6. Little Solo Category

Sponsor: $75 Savings Bond, Tonya and Atlantis

Judges: Dunia (No CA), Marguerite Kusuhara (So CA), Marsha katz (So CA), Nina Sahar (So CA), Una (No CA).

Atlantis, Co-Producer of BDUC (Center) with
Little Solo First Runner Up - Vanessa (So Cal) and (R) Little Solo Champion - Nadana - (NV)

7. Tribal Group Category

Sponsor: $300 - Tonya and Atlantis

Judges: Amina Goodyear (No CA), Carolena Nericcio (No CA), Heather Stants (So CA), Marguerite Kusuhara (So CA), Nina Sahar (So CA).

Tribal Group Champion - Blue Stars of Tanit (So Cal) w/Atlantis in Foreground

Tribal Group
First Runner Up and Congeniality- Black Sheep Bellydance (No CA),
w/Atlantis in foreground.

Atlantis (L) withTribal Group
2nd Runner Up and
People's Choice - Jamileh and Tirza (UT)

8. Fusion Category

Sponsor: $300 - Basilon Enterprises, 35 West Main St., Suite B, #208, Ventura, CA. 93001.
805 649 5664. World Beat Musical Instruments.

Judges: Anisa (So CA), Ashana Hanada (So CA), Carolena Nericcio (No CA), Mesmera (So CA), Sahra (So CA).

Atlantis (L) with Fusion Champion - Viridianna (So CA)

Atlantis (L) with Fusion First Runner Up - Cris! (So CA)

Atlantis (L) with Fusion 2nd Runner Up - Elizabeth Dennis (WA)

Atlantis (L) with Fusion 3rd Runner Up - Morrighan (LA)

Atlantis (L) with Fusion Pe
ople's Choice and Congeniality- Myryka Nunya (AZ)

9. Egyptian Category

(L-R) Louchia (SO CA) Egyptian Champion; Ralph Karapetian, Trophy Sponsor; Isis,(UT) 1st RU; Angela Prato (OH) 2nd RU; Harry Saroyan, Trophy Sponsor; Talia (SO CA), 3rd RU.
Foreground: Atlantis, Co-Producer of the BDUC

Sponsor: $300.00 - Turquoise International, Manufacturer, Importer, Exporter for all your dancing needs. 22830 Califa St., Woodland Hills, CA 91767.
(818) 999 5542 or 800 548 9422. Fax 818 999 3414. turquoise@turquoiseintl.com, www.turquoiseintl.com.

Judges: Aisha Ali (So CA), Amina goodyear (No, CA), Angelika Nemeth (So CA), Sahra (So CA)

Atlantis (L) with Egyptian Champion - Louchia (So CA)

Egyptian First Runner Up - Isis (UT)

Egyptian 2nd Runner Up and Congeniality - Angela Prato (OH)

Egyptian 3rd Runner Up - Talia (So CA)

Egyptian People's Choice - Emily (So CA)

10. Universal Category

Sponsor: $500 - Dr. Samy Farag, a well known physician in the Los Angeles Area and a very famous composer in the field of Middle Eastern Music, of Sphinx Records, PO Box 781, La Canada, CA. 866 291 0825 Sphinxrecords.com

Judges: Angelika Nemeth (So CA), Dunia (No CA), Harry Saroyan (So CA), Helena Vlahos (AZ), Marta Schill (So CA)

Katayna, Universal Champion
Universal Champion - Katayna (AZ)

Universal First Runner Up and People's Choice Award- Julianna (MN)

Universal 2nd Runner Up - Rimarah Hare (Fl)

Universal 3rd Runner Up - Aziza Nawal (GA)

Universal Congeniality - Christina Karras (AZ)

Universal People's Choice - Julianna (MN)

11. Adult Group Category

Sponsor: $300.0 0- Siha family of Diamond Pyramid, Belly dancing and accessories, Belly dancing outfits, Drums, Jewelry, Middle Eastern Instruments. 1701 S. Grove Ave, #E, Ontario, CA, 91761. (909) 930 9649 or (909) 227 2019. www.diamondpyramid.net, siha@aol.com

Judges: Amina Goodyear (No CA), Ashana Hanada (So CA), Dahlena (AZ), Dunia (No CA), Harry Saroyan (So CA).

(L) Emil Siha, Sponsor; Group Champion and People's Choice Award - Anja's Court (So CA)
Foreground: Atlantis, Co-producer of BDUC

Adult Group First Runner Up and Congeniality Award- Ooh-La-La (No CA) w/Atlantis in foreground

Adult Group 2nd Runner Up - Babylon Mood (So CA), with Atlantis in Foreground

Adult Group 3rd Runner Up - Shazadi (UT) with Atlantis in foreground.

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