9:00-11:00 am. RM 203C - KAJIRA DJOUMAHNA, Hawaii
"Tribal Terminology, or What Style Is That?”
Type of Class: Part Discussion and Part Movement
Skill Level: Open to All
As 'they' say, “The only constant is change.” Our beloved Art of BellyDance is not exempt to this Universal Law, and has been growing, fusing and mutating so fast lately it may be difficult to know exactly what to call your style, especially if you enjoy all that “Tribal” has to offer. This class is sure to leave us with tons of food for thought, as it is part Discussion and part Movement.

Our Discussion will begin with why "Tribal BD" as we know it in the modern world is *not* "Middle Eastern Dance" and yet, it *is* "BellyDance." Our focus is primarily on the various styles of "Tribal BellyDance": ATS, Tribal BD, Tribaret and Tribal Fusion BD, and we will *definitely not* leave out World Fusion Style/s, Gothic BD, Indian, Asian, Modern Dance, Polynesian and Latin Fusions of BD as well as Vaudeville and Fosse Fusion BD and *any other possible new creations.* We’ll talk together not only about the many styles available for our enjoyment today and how they developed, but what to call them and why correct terminology is of the utmost importantance for all professionals in any field. We’ll then take it a step further and discuss that elusive “fine line”: when does a new style stop being BellyDance and become Performance Art, Modern or Interpretive Dance? Can it be both?

We will also dance some of these different styles to feel their differences, have fun with compare-and-contrast stylistic differences within a same step, with appropriate music for each. I'll teach you a few basic moves and from where they are generated in the body, which can create a different style. We will explore moods from elation to the darkest depths and see how it affects our personal dancing. We'll also do some group improvisation (no worries if you're new to that, I will keep it simple in this class) and solo work to see if interaction between dancers affects our "style."

Bring: Open minds, ideas, personal opinions, new creations, questions about any style, notepads and finger cymbals (optional). Handouts will be provided with my informed opinions, but during our Discussion I am *truly* interested in what *you* have to contribute! I want to know what *you* think! Start thinking about what you'd like to know, say, clear up or call "It." This class is sure to be exciting and thought-full as well as helpful in the rapidly-changing Art of Alternative BellyDance.